Jun 19, 2013

Hadley The Horse... or Zebra... or Unicorn!

What is more fun than getting a new pattern? Getting three!

I love the versatility of the "Hadley the Horse" pattern put out by Abby at Six Months of Softies.
Not only can it be used to create a horse, a zebra or a unicorn, but it's made to please the little girls or little boys in your life. 

Whether you're a mom trying to please the masses or a Grandmother looking for a way to keep all your  grandkids feeling equally loved (you know how it is) this is the pattern for you! Three cheers for Abby for solving all our gift giving dilemmas in one simple pattern.

* Go here to sign up for the Six Months of Softies Club and snag all your patterns! *
** Pst! Bugga Bugs' exclusive pattern comes out next! {Eek!} **

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