May 13, 2013

New Barn Owl Girl Pattern

I love pretending {yes, even now} so you can imagine my excitement when Paloma came up with this darling pattern for Six Months of Softies! A doll pattern is one thing - a pattern for a doll as into pretending as you are? To. Die. For! Not only is she adorable but she's got personality to boot and that, my friends, is a pattern you want to make again and again.

Go to Shiny Happy World to get in on the fun! Six of the top designers from the pattern world have come together to offer exclusive patterns for the Six Months of Softies Club! A new pattern will release each month and automatically come to your inbox. Joining late? No problem! You'll still get every single pattern!

How cool is that? It's easy to participate. Just sign up for the Club here then check your email!